Dawn has been playing games since she was a young girl, and even though she has played many games throughout her life, card games are what she enjoys the most of all. She is a coffee lover, and shares a home with her husband, 5 dogs, and 2 cats.

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Self-proclaimed Professional Potato. Dog Wrangler

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General Manager

I've always enjoyed Esports and am really excited to be a part of the team! I can't wait to grow and succeed together as we accomplish all our goals. I'm looking forward to getting to know and work with everyone within the team as well. I'm an avid card game fan, but am always open to learning and playing something new.



Brand Ambassador

Inspired by the Renaissance artists like Prince, Basquiat, Janelle Monàe, Andre 3000, Jay's Passions started around audio engineering, technology, and public speaking. Out of these stemmed a career around marketing, development, and podcasting. This has positioned him in a unique place to create projects that take the standard and make them fun, diverse and super engaging!




Nejiboston is a semi-competitive Hearthstone player who has been playing Hearthstone since early 2015. He streams 4 times a week where he makes an effort to provide a chill atmosphere where people can come to relax and learn more about high-level Hearthstone gameplay. Neji has also qualified for 3 Masters Tour events and is continuously trying to improve his game. Although he lives on the West Coast in Canada, as you can see from his gamertag, he adores all things Boston, especially its sports teams. Neji’s other hobbies include playing basketball, hanging out with friends, and watching anime.

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I'm a former competitive Yu-Gi-Oh player turned Hearthstone player and streamer. I have a beautiful fiancee and three wonderful kids and a goldendoodle. I enjoy other games such as Pokemon VGC, Legends of Runeterra, and have played games such as MTG, Ascension and DBSCG in my past. Some of my non-gaming hobbies include reading, playing sports, and telling jokes!

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Content Producer

Brett “BitBeaker” Eaker is a Hearthstone player who straddles the line between casual and competitive. A multi-time Legend player in both Standard and Wild, BitBeaker finished in the top 4 of Indy PopCon 2017, and led Xplosive Sheep to victory as the first Selfless Hero League winning Captain (Now Hero League of THL). From the beginning of Hero League through its first five seasons, BitBeaker contributed a large amount of content to THL including graphic design and production work for ATSS, Friday Night Fights, Sunday Ticket, SHL Week Tonight, a variety of blog articles, Facebook and THL website banners, and even co-authored league meta reports. As a husband and father with a full-time IRL job and plenty of animals to care for at home, BitBeaker doesn’t have time for the tournament grind, but still has a passion of bringing you top notch content to connect you to the games and organizations you love.

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Hello! My name is David or you may know me as Doctorfeesh! I am a 2x Legend Hearthstone Player, Disc Golf Enthusiast, and Variety Speedrunner!

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therottedzombie plays Hearthstone’s Wild format. He’s a recognized grinder, and ranks in the top 50 for Leaderboard finishes in the format’s three non-China regions over the last two years. Competitively, he aims to represent Amber Flight Gaming not only in ladder play, but across several semi-professional Wild Hearthstone leagues. He also streams on Twitch, where he maintains several thousand followers and promotes a positive, learning environment. He is perhaps most known for his work with Tempo Storm, where he leads their Wild Hearthstone Meta Snapshot team. rotted lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and daughter. He is proud to be a part of Amber Flight Gaming because of its player-focused goals and close-knit environment. Before getting into Hearthstone, rotted played PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, where his highest achievement was medaling and winning a round in PAX South 2019's "Almost Pro" LAN tournament.




RonMexico has been a big fan of card games for longer than he can remember. He got into Hearthstone sometime around 2015 and never looked back. He can frequently be found somewhere in the vicinity of top 200 legend, and streams on both his personal twitch channel and for semi-competitive league-format series Team Hearth Legends. He recently qualified for Master's Tour Orgrimmar, and is excited for whatever new challenges appear on the horizon!

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I’ve been playing Hearthstone since launch and always looking for ways to compete and participate in communities. I am a board member for THL where I primarily compete.